The Sweet Life Detox

Sweeten up your life by cutting out the sugar!

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

Juliet from shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"

Do you have a sweet tooth?
Are you finding that you’re turning to sweets in emotional times?
Do you feel like your cravings have gotten out of control?
Or maybe you simply want to cut sugar out of your system?

This is the program for you.

The Facts: Sugar is one of the most addictive substances that we consume and it is completely legal! In America, more than 80% of the products on the shelf contain sugar or refined sugar in one of its many forms. Sugar also lowers our ability to have self-control, making it a terrible feedback loop that keeps you in the sugar trap!

Studies have shown that it is sugar, not fat, that is creating the rising health crisis in America. So why do we continue to eat it? 

The Benefits: If the facts didn’t make it obvious, let me spell it out for you - eliminating processed sugar from your diet will dramatically improve your health. As a Holistic Wellness Coach, health is more than your physical body - it also includes your mind, spirit, social and mental bodies. 

1- You will break free from the manipulative food industries’ clutches - sugar drives your taste buds, your hormones, and your body to actually crave more sugar. The food industry is in this world for profit, not your health.

2 - Feel full and satiated

3 - Better skin health (bye bye acne and dry skin!)

4 - No more bags under your eyes

5 - Weight loss

6 - Decrease stress and anxiety

And so much more that we will discuss in this program!


Hi, my name is Natalie Sue and I am the Anywhere Chef. For a while, I branded myself as the Vanlife Chef - living full time in my van and hosting a cooking show from my 3' by 3' tiny kitchen. I was struggling with the business because I found myself cooking in so many different spaces and places depending on the day of the week. I would cook Anywhere my friends were or in the Van if I was solo (or hosting!). It became too isolating to cook in my van so often - I love people and love to cook for them.

When browsing a thrift shop with my sisters, we stumbled upon a fry pan brand Ware-Ever and we all looked at each other. We knew it! I was the Anywhere Chef cooking wherever!

My mission hasn't changed. I still aim to teach folks how to cook in any space big or small, indoors or outdoors, front- or backcountry. However, now, I have added in Wellness Coaching to provide a Holistic approach to food. We are more than our physical body. We are mind, we are spirit, we are emotion, we are physical, and we are mental.
Working with me, together we will explore what nourishment means in your life, establish goals, and work towards them with full support.

 There are people who can do a full detox like this alone. And that’s great… for them. However, itis a rare person who can go it alone. If you’re anything like me, then you can greatly benefit from the knowledge and support this program offers.

During this 2-month sugar detox program, we will work together as a group to kick this habit and kick it for good. 

This program is broken down into three phases:

- What sugar is, what it does to our bodies and our minds

- How to find hidden sugar and avoid its many forms

- What happens in a sugar detox

- How to prepare ourselves and our loved ones


- Execution of detox

- Peer to peer support

- Coping with emotional fallouts

- One-on-one sessions with Natalie Sue (for the Extra Sweet only)


- How to continue a sugar-less lifestyle

- Re-incorporate sugar without losing your cool

- Healthy eating means healthy habits

- Extra Sweet members get two bonus calls with Natalie Sue

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If you are ready to challenge yourself to a full sugar detox in the New Year, sign up now! 

The Sugar Detox starts the week of January 4th, 2021

Early-bird sign-ups Close December 31st - after that, prices rise to $99 or $199 per month


Sugar Detox - Regular
$99 per month, two months
Early-Bird Special: $49 per month

Access to an exclusive group page

Weekly group calls hosted by Natalie Sue

Action plan for a full sugar detox

Post-detox plans and troubleshooting

Action-ability partnership

Sugar Detox - Extra Sweet
$199 per month, two months

Early-Bird Special: $149 per month

Everything in Level One 

PLUS 3 one-on-one calls with Natalie Sue

An extra month of follow up support

Personalized detox plan

Personalized post-detox support